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The Participation Of Iran N Syrian Civilian War

One of the greatest civilian wars that has gotten completely out of control is the Syrian civil war. Syria has seen a lot of civilian deaths and the most destructions ever recorded in history.

The civil war has been strengthened by the fact that the Syrian government want to control the rebel groups and the rebel groups are having none of that. What is happening instead is that there are very many Syrian civilians that have been detained in the Syrian jails unfairly and facing a lot of emotional, physical and sexual abuse in jail. There is debris everywhere now and too many dead bodies strewn all over the place in a place that was the perfect picture of love and prosperity. In its wake, Syria has left a lot of its civilians refugees in other countries with nothing to their names.

Iran, however, has for decades been funding, training and offering weapons to militia and terror groups while offering them shelter at the same time. Iran has had a tough stance on this issue despite efforts by outside forces to dissuade them from these practices. It is a poorly kept secret that this is happening in Iran even though it is hard to understand why Iran insists on doing so. The US government has tried to get involved in dissolving this ongoing practice for years without much success. What Iran has is really high tech weaponry and it has been arming itself for years now.

The government under the regime of president Assad was supported by the Iranian government since the Syrian war began. Without this support, Assad’s regime would not be what it is today, it would have probably fallen. Because Iran was a very strong ally Syria and specifically Assad’s government, she gave her all to make sure that the regime was standing. At some point when it seemed like the government would be overthrown and the opposition would take over the country, Iran got into the war head on and mad sure that this wouldn’t happen by providing troops that would protect the government.

In the beginning, Iran only supported Syria by offering training for the regime forces. After a while, Iran escalated its support by actually sending their own troops to fight in the Syrian civil war. Apart from other types of weapons, Iran also provided chemical weapons for Syria. Iran provided Syria their best scientists who built them the chemical weapons.

The arms cannot be transported by road nor by train, the only way Iran gets these weapons to Syria is by air. They have created an air corridor where these weapons are transported both to Syria and to Lebanon. The US government has allowed only three airlines to get these weapons from Iran to Syria. Turkish authorities are said to have confiscated a truck which was headed for Syria and was full of weapons.

Short Course on Services – What You Should Know

Short Course on Services – What You Should Know